Artists Statement

Approaching scenes from life and the imagination is a loaded action in the digital age. As an artist and multifaceted thinker I find myself torn with the duplexity of social media uplifting genuinely poignant moments while summing reality into amounts that become, in their mass, fraught with internet noise. The longer the duration of engagement with a platform, the less engaged the viewer becomes; Any one post indistinguishable in a sea of afterthought. Even more fitful are the ways in which those images can be calculated of their worth. Via social media, we become aware to an exact number how we are engaging those who follow our activity. This reactive relationship with artmaking has a splitting effect on creation. Do artists cultivate works that the masses like more? Or forsake the algorithms and examine life through one’s own filter? I have decided to pursue the latter.

After this hapless search for sincerity online, I’ve created a new series. Taking inspiration from a time before hyper-convenient photography, I have selected reportage drawings and expanded them into stand-alone pieces, superimposing interiors atop exteriors, while placing subjects in the flattened depth between. Because they were drawn from life, the focus of each work carries genuine personal meaning: a partner, a sibling, an orchestra. In order to appreciate reality and distinguish what I, as someone burdened with choosing, see as important, I have taken them from the sketchbook and elevated them into a different realm. Each piece’s goal is to document; through intentional color choices, emotive brushwork, and effervescent abstractions not only the subject itself, but my genuine feelings associated with it. I aim to fully render moments from my life as the truth they become when pen touches paper or paint covers canvas, and the often arcane poignance they elicit.