Taylor Fourt [she/they] is a green-thumbed painter with a penchant for plants. Her works aim to educate, inspire others to grow, make impressionable gifts, and accompany any story with fluidity. For project inquiries, please email.

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Currently located in Kansas City, Missouri, ardently raised in the deep south, Taylor was always a lover of vibrance. She realizes now, thriving among golden prairies, that the bright red clays of Alabama complemented her memories of growing up in dark green pine forests, slowly engulfing her in a love for Earth. For her, lived experiences are inspiration aplenty. Five years ago, she started growing food, and were it not so symbiotic to it, Taylor might’ve given up art to become a farmer. But, the two loves, like pesky morning glories climbing up crops, are forever to be intertwined.

In all places in life, she aims to cultivate these positive feedback loops. When she’s not painting, you can find her developing regenerative agriculture systems in midtown Kansas City. She also runs the Manheim Gardens Instagram, which is adorable.


“She’s my favorite artist.” -D. Krull

“Largely inspired by the natural world, Taylor’s work is playful, expressive, and organic. She explores experimental forms and presents stream of consciousness in a visual form, all while maintaining a whimsical feel.“ - L. Fourt

“Her work looks like the tv show Arthur, before he was cancelled.” -M. Montes

“Full of ecstatic movement and joy. Loud... but like in a cool way. I dunno if loud is the best descriptor. Exubarant.” -J.C. Franco

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