Taylor Fourt [she/they] is a green-thumbed artist with dirt under her fingernails. Her gouache works are recognized for their charm, whimsy, and spirit; they may illustrate complex regenerative agriculture systems, or simply rejoice in the meditation of colors, form, and composition.  She has devoted the better part of six years sharing her skills with Manheim Gardens, a collaborative urban community garden located in midtown KC, and currently flexes her abilities both in art and in horticulture as Content Development Specialist at ISED Solutions, where she creates visual guides on organic farming techniques. In all places in life, she aims to cultivate positive feedback loops, I hope our meeting can become the start of a new one.  

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Currently located in Kansas City, Missouri, but raised in the deep south, Taylor has always been a lover of vibrant things. The squall of cicada-cry in summer, a creek’s dull roar as it overflows with flood water, the sun glinting lime-green through a translucent aspen leaf. She realizes now, thriving among golden prairies, that the bright red clays of Alabama complemented her memories of growing up in dark green pine forests, slowly engulfing her in a love for Earth. These lived experiences in nature have reemerged anew in her love for painting, which they have enjoyed for about eight years, since re-starting in college. After graduating, they started growing food, and were it not so symbiotic to it, T might’ve totally given up art to become a farmer. But, the two loves, like pesky morning glories climbing up crops, are forever to be intertwined.

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